What it is:

Removal of loose/excess breast skin and elevation of the nipples and areolas

Women who:

  • Do not desire an increase in the size of their breasts
  • Are not satisfied with the location of their nipples/areolas (feel they are too low)
  • Are not satisfied with the location of their breasts on their chest (feel their breasts sag too much)
  • Do not want an implant in their body

* 2 hours

Sedation or general


Average is 4 to 7 days; many women undergo the procedure on a Thursday or Friday and return to work or school by the following Monday

  • Return immediately to non-strenuous activities which do not raise your heart rate or blood pressure, and won’t result in breaking into a sweat
  • Resume strenuous activities in 2 weeks


  • No drainage tubes are inserted
  • You will need to wear a sports bra day and night for 4 weeks after surgery, then wear a comfortable bra during the day for 8 additional weeks
  • You may shower 24 hours after surgery
  • There are no stitches to remove

* Times may vary since each case is unique

** Check with your health care provider about your specific restrictions